14 December 2019, Saturday


ADA is doing business in the areas of United States Armed Forces Military and Civilian Personal Property removals and deliveries to and from CONUS – Turkey and capable to provide such services worldwide, and transportation and logistics support to OEF and OIF to U.S. Armed Forces in both AOR. Already obtained all the approvals from U.S. Army , Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (formerley known as MTMC, Military Traffic Management Command), and all other pertinent U.S. Air Force components. Our company headquartered at Mersin has presence in all major cities of Turkey, Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Adana. We have storage facilities, transportation assets and offices at all locations. We are currently representing numerous U.S. and Europe based carriers in Turkey, in moves thru DPM (HHG moves thru Direct Procurement Method) ITGBL ( HHG Moves thru International Government Bill of Lading) and FSMP (HHG Moves thru Full Service Movement Project) and like personal property and effects movements, and also we do have subagents worldwide. We have the capability to move all kinds of cargoes, commodities in and around Europe and worldwide.

ADA is the very first company to move miscellaneous cargoes belong to U.S., Army, DLA, Air Force , AAFES and DoD to Iraq at the very begining of the Iraqi conflict and during the deployments of the US troops through port of Iskenderun we transported hundreds of trucks with US Military Cargo to numerous destinations at the Southeastern Regions of Turkey and then to Iraq. We also performed moves out of Incirlik AB and other Government Contracted warehouses within the vicinity, to various parts of Iraq, such as Kirkuk, Tikrit, Balad, Mosul, Baghdad etc. We shipped total more than 2000 truck/trailers load of many categories of goods to above geographical areas.


ADA has a contract with DLA (Defence Logistics Agency) and more than two years ADA is providing and transporting diesel fuel from Mersin to U.S. Army bases in Iraq.

ADA DUNS NUMBER : 566223040